Testing: Just Right For You

We don’t look at testing as a static process. As technology changes, we change - incorporating the latest hardware, software, platforms, and processes to insure we’re up-to-date. We use the best technology and tools to make sure you get the best results...

Our flexible bug-tracking database can be individually customized for each project. Clients can remotely access the database to see up-to-the-minute reports.

Our dynamic test plan creation and control system is easily adaptable to any and all changes in the product - right up to the last minute.

Testing: From Start To Finish
We can help from concept to launch, and beyond. Here’s what that looks like...

Test Department Consulting Services
We want to help you create or fine-tune your own testing department to work with us, or work on its own. It’s all about building a better team to build better products.

Accurate and Detailed Bug Reporting
Our pre-submission bug review process ensures accuracy and eliminates ambiguous and duplicate bugs.

Multi-Level Communication
The key is communication. We provide extremely fast turnaround time on information requests from the development team. Email prompts from our bug database mean rapid response times. And we answer our email, text messages, and phones.

Efficient Bug Fix Verification
We don’t waste time - we verify bug fixes as soon as they’re received. If a fix didn’t work, or has caused other problems, we will let you know about it sooner, so the project stays on track.

Patch Risk Minimization
We hate patches as much as you do. Our processes and experience help you reduce the risk of costly patches.
Gold Master Candidate Assessment Are you really ready to declare Gold Master Candidate? We’ve been there, and we’ll help you know when it’s ready - saving you money and time.

What We Can Do

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Gold Master Verification
Post Production Patch Testing Web Sites and Services Testing Beta Hardware Testing
Online Game Testing
Pre-submittal Certification

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